baby steps

Lol… sometimes things beyond your control force you to slow down. My ancient laptop is doing that to me now.

I’m working slowly trying to figure out how to get things the way I want them to look. My main priority was getting the link back to my Etsy shop working first.  Done!


Prima Donna Beads

This is my new Prima Donna Beads page… I took the redirect off my Etsy store so I would have a place for people to see when my next show is, or if I’m having a sale or if I’m making something new.  Etsy won’t let me tell you any of those things. I hope you don’t mind the change.

My Etsy store is here… Prima Donna Beads

And if you’d like to join my email list that’s here… Prima Donna Beads News

Sparkle Blue Borosilicate Starfish Pendant